Bailey William 1623 of Long Clawson will

William Bailey of Long Clawson 1623 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1623/47

In the name of god Amen this 12th of Januarye in the yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne lorde James by the grace of god of Englande France and Ireland kinge defender of the faith &c xixth of Scotland the fiftie & five 1621 I William Bealy of Claxton als Longe Clauscon in the countie of Leicester, Laborer, Doe make & ordayne this my last will & testament in maner followeinge

Imprimis I give my soule to god that gave it & my bode to bee buried in the Church yarde of the parishe Churche of Claxton aforeaid

Itm I give unto my brother John Bealy of Normington xiid

Itm I give unto my Cosinne William Bealy theldest sonne of my brother Thomas Bealy disceased vs

Itim I give unto my cosinne John Bealy the sonne of Thomas aforesaide vs & also I give him my cheare

Itm give unto his sonne Thomas vs

Itm I give my Cosinne Francis Bealy the thirde sonne of my fore saied Brother Thomas vs

Itm I give unto my Cosinne Elizabeth Reddishe, daughter unto my foresaied brother Thomas vs

Itm I give unto my Cosinne Katheryne Samen [?], the second daughter of my brother aforesaide vs

Itm I give unto my Cosinne Alice Mare of Grimston iss

Itim I give unto they three children of Richard Hicklinge thelder my beste sheepe

The rest of all my goods moveable and unmoveable unbequeathed I give & bequeath unto my sister Margery Bealye whome I make sole executor of this my last will & testament, to see my debts payed and my bodie honestly & reverently brought to the ground

Lastlye I make Thomas Wright Clarke Richarde Hicklinge thelder of Claxton aforeaied, husbandman, & my Cosinne John Bealy of Kerbye overseers of this my last will & testament

Testes sunt

Thomas Wright Scriptor

Richarde Hicklinge his marke

Probate 1 September 1622/3