Bailey John 1670 of Grimston Will

John Bailey of Grimston 1670 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1670

The last will & Testament of John Bayly of Grimston in the County of Leic husbandman being sicke in bodie but of perfitte minde, as he Did declaire himself by words from his mouth, upon his sicke bed November 16th 1669 is as followeth

I committee my soule to the allmightie god who maide it & redeemed it by Jesus Christ & allsoe my bodie after my departure to be buried decently in the parish Church of Grimston and Concerning my temporall estate, my debtes to be first paid & funerall Charges

I give & bequeath unto my eldest daughter Mary Gamble the sume of five poundes to her eldest sonne the sum of five poundes

& alsoe I give unto my second daughter Alice Sturges the sume of five pounds

& alsoe I give & bequeath all the Rest of my goods & moneys & estate in what kinde or nature whatsoever to be equaly devided & proportioned amongst all the rest of my Children, John Bayly Ann Bayly & Thomas Bayly & William Bayly & Frances Bayly & Elizabeth Bayly & if any of theise said Children die before they be Capable of disposing of their portion by the law of this nation to be equaly devided amongst theise last six Children or the remainder of them To be done by the discretion of my brother Charles Kellam of Asfordby in the County of Leicester Chandler

All this or the like in effecte he did declaire as his last will & Testament by word of mouth in the presence of John Neale Wm Morris & John Bayly credible witnesses

John Neale

John Bayly his marke

Probate 22 April 1670 to son John Bailey


A true & perfect inventory of all the goods & Chattells implements whatsoever of John Bayly late of Grimston deceased, in the Countie of Leic husbandham, November 26th 1669 as followeth

Imprimis his purse & apparill0100
Item Three mares & one horse2100
Item Three Cowes & 2 heffers0700
Item one … & a peece of barly0900
Item Too Cartes & one Carte boddie & a paire of Carte wheeles0200
Item one plow, & plow geares, & Carte geares & one harrow01100
Item one trusse bed & a trundle bed00120
Item one presse00068
Item one Rugge00134
Item one fetherbed & foure blankits02000
Item one flocke bolster & one fether bolster & too pillowes00050
Item Too hovills & Seven fleakes00050
Item one little hovill of pease & beans02100
Item one brasse pott & a pan00050
Item one brasse pan at John Bayleys in:00130
Item Too Coffers00026
Item Pease & beans parted his share04000
The whoale sume is53026

The apraisement maid by us

John Neale

William James

Guardianship bond, bound John Gamble husbandman of Grimston and John Bayly labourer of Asfordby 4 December 1673, condition Thomas Gamble son of John Gamble of Grimston about 9 years old named in will of John Bayly has chosen John Gamble his father to be his Guardian and to receive his legacy under the will during his minority so John Gamble to receive the legacy and put it to best use for Thomas during his minority

                                                                                                                The mark of John Gamble

                                                                                                                The mark of John Bayly

Bond, bound Charles Kelham gentleman of Asfordby and William Kelham yeoman of Asfordby 22 April 1670, condition bound Charles Kelham, brother by the mother’s side of John Bailey deceased of Grimston, by tenor of last will to administer estate and produce an inventory