Bailey John 1629 of Holwell Will

John Bailey of Holwell 1629 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/245/6

In the name of god amen I John Bayley of Holwell in the countie of Leicester yeoman being nowe at the time of making hereof in perfect health and memorie praised be god therefore yet Considering that I am ould and am oftentimes troubled with sicknesse Comeinge suddenlie upon me, And knowinge alsoe that all fleshe must die and that the houre of death is uncertaine, manie times happening when it is least expected Now (revokeing all other and former Wills by me heretofore made doe therefore make and ordeyne this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme followinge

First I bequeath my soule to almightie god, the onelie maker and redeemer Thereof trusting in hym onelie to be saved through a livelie faith in Christe Jesus and my bodie to be buried in the parishe Church of AbKettlebey

And as for that porcon of wordlie goods which god hath sent me I will that it be devided and bestowes amongst my Children and frends as hereafter followeth That is to saie

First I give to the poore people of Holwell aforesaid five shillings

Item to the poore of Abkettlebey five shillings to be distributed amongst them at the discreation & appointment of my executors and the overseers of the poore of that parishe then beinge

Item I give to my loveing wife Margerie Bayley (if she fortune to survive me) twentie pounds Provided alwaies that she claime not anye legacie given to her by William Bayley my sonne at the time of his death, or ells that she be abated as much out of my guift as will paie the same And my will is further that my said wife shall have alsoe v li a yere out of my lands to be paid by fiftie shillings a time at everie halfe yeares end or ells to have the third parte of my lands to her owne use And alsoe my will is further that she shall have  those two Chambers over the house and the Buttrie with free ingresse egresse and regresse to and from the same And alsoe convenient house roome by the fire, or ells where she will at all times during her naturall life

Item I give to my sonne Thomas Bayley fifteen pounds in full satisfaccon of his childes porcon to whom I have already given xx li for to take him a lease of a house at Hickling in the county of Nottingham

I give to my said sonne Thomas his wife xxs

Item I give to my sonne Henrie Bayley fifteene pounds

Item to my sonne Michaell Bayley tenne shillings and to his wife xxs

Item I give to John Bayley the sonne of Michaell Bayley five pounds and to Alice Bayley daughter of the said Michaell Bayley v li

Item to my daughter Marie Harris I give v li and to my daughter Alice Moulton v li

Item I give to Elizabeth Kellam the wife of William Kellam xs

Item to Richard Archer xs & to Marie Hubbard xs

Item I give to everie one of my god Children xiid a peece

Alsoe I will that my best table with the frame and all the settles in the house the fire irons and Rackins with their furniture, the salting troughe, the Maulte quernes and the brueinge leade and all that Pile of wood which I have provided for building & lyeth nowe under my hovell shall remaine to the use of John Bayley (the sonne of my sonne John Bayley deceased)

Item I give to my frend Thomas Storer of Claxton the best garment that I shall have belonging to me at the time of my death

Item I give to Marie Storer his daughter one ewe hogge at the discreation of my overseers

Item I will that my executors provide sixe of my loveing neighbours and frends to sing at my buriall; and to give them for their paines xiid a peece

Item I give to Marie Bayley and Alice Bayley the daughters of my sonne John Bealey deceased five pounds a peece, and my will is that the said Marie Bayley and Alice Bayley shall have that xx li which is in the Custodie and use of Laurence Raines, in steade and consideracon of my former promise made to be paid to their mother

Item I give to the Overseers of this my will xls a peece for their paines in seeinge the performance of this my will

And I give to Charles Moulton and Francis Harris five pounds a peece whom I ordeyne and make ioynt executors of this my last Will and Testament

The residue of my goods unbequeathed after those porcons and legacies before named are paide my dets paide and my funerall expences dischardged I give to be equallie devided amongst all my grandchildren (exceptinge onelie those to whom I have given v li a peece

And lastlie my will is alsoe That all the porcons and legacies before menconed shalbe paid and dischardged within one yeare nexte after my death And for those that shalbe within age to be paid to their nearest frends to goe forwards to the Childrens uses

And I ordeyne and make Thomas Bealey and Henry Bayley Overseers of this my last will and Testament

In witnesse whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seale the eleaventh daie of March Anno Domini 1628

                                                                                                                John Bealey his marke

Theis beinge witnesses

Thomas Longland

William Shepperdson

Richard Feiles marke

Probate 6 July 1629