Bailey John 1522 of Eaton Will

John Bailey of Eaton 1522 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/251 page 166

In dei nominee Amen the yer of our lord god mccccc and xxii the Furst day of May I John bayly of Eyton hole mynd make my testament in this maner of wysse

First I bequeyth my soule to Almyghty god to our lady Seynt Mary and to all the holy company of heven and my body to be beried in the church of Seynt Outlake in Eyton

Also I bequeyth for my mortuary my best gud as the law requyth

Also I bequeyth to the hye Alter iiiid

Also I bequeyth to our lady of Lincoln iiiid

Also I bequeyth to the sepulcrye light iiiid

Also I bequeyth to the church of Eyton iiii sheype

Item to Seynt Jamys lyght iiiid

Also I bequeyth [sic]

Item I bequeyth to Branston church vid

Also I bequeyth the Residew of my gudds into the hands of Margaret Bayley my wyff and to Syr Thomas Bayley my sonne the wych I make my executors they to dispose them as they thynke best for the elth of my soule

Witnese thereof John Burton vicar Willm Read John Howett Thomas Grey with other moo