Aerial Photographs

Clawson Lane Junction c.1960s:

Photograph courtesy of M Sharpe and C Marler)

Clawson Lane/Main Street (c.1960s)

Unfortunately, the photo is undated, but it contains a car that looks like it could be a 1950s Wolseley, so the photo could be from the early/mid 1960s; it is likely to be a very early example of this kind of photograph.

The photo shows (clockwise from top right):

  • The west end of Longridge
  • The land where Fairholme is now built
  • What was The Cottage and The Little Cottage (now just The Cottage)
  • March’s Farm
  • The farm buildings that are now Richmond Cottage

Opposite the latter three are:

  • The buildings that are now The Olde Barn
  • Beech House

Finally, to the top left of the photo are the farm buildings that are now:

  • The Byre
  • The Barn

From the Wadkin Archives: