A History of Hickling by Chris Granger: Appendix 16

A History of Hickling to 1860

and of all its Clergy.

by Christopher Granger

Hickling Windmill (notes)

Stephen Daft who died in 1678 leased the windmill from William Hodgkinson

W0767 the Mill - drawing by Mr laws 1908
W0767 the Mill – drawing by Mr laws 1908

John Hives, a miller, who died in 1808 owned the windmill and left it to his son, also named John

George Hives who died in 1838 was both the miller and the landlord of the Plough. He left it to his wife, Abigail

John Daft who died 1667 owned it

Thomas Hardy who died about 1790 had a share in the mill which was then occupied by Joseph Swain. He left it to his son, Edward Hardy.

Paul Hardy was a fuller in 1731

Robert Dealy was the miller in 1871 aged 30 born Southwell

Thomas Speed was the master miller in 1851 with William Hourd his assistant born Hose 1827

John Browne miller was presented for grinding on 8 December 1634