Grocock George 1600 of Harby will and inventory

George Grocock of Harby 1600 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/221

In the name of god Amen This fyfthe daye of Maye in the yeare of our Lord God 1600 and in the fourtye towe yeare of the Raigne of our Sovraigne Ladye be the Grace of god Quene of England France and Irelande defender of the faythe &c I George Grococke of Harbye in the Countyte of Leicester husbandman sicke in bodye but of good and perfecte remembrance god be praysed doe make & ordayne this my laste will and testament in manner and forme following

Fyrste I bequeathe my Soulle to Allmightye god mye maker and my bodye to be buryed in the Church yarde of Harbey

Itm I give to the Church of Lincolne iiid

Itm I give to the Church of Harbye vid

Itm I give to my Sonne Thomas Grococke one Roode of lande in … … untill he come of lawfulll age and the first yeare to be Sowen out of the whole Cropte and one Iron … wayinge with all the wayinge geares and plowe geares and hovells … they are nowe in the yarde

Itm I give to my Sonne William one Ewe hodge

Item I give to my Sonne William a little Cottage howse wherein Richard Awsebrock now dwelleth in with one Cowe pasture & fyve stripe Comons with the little fore yarde … to the howse

Itm I give to my Sonne Thomas Grococke All the reste of my freeholde with all the appurtenances belonging to the same lyinge and being within the towne & fyelds of Harbye …to enter to the same after his mothers decease

Itm I give to my daughter Bennet Bennet [sic] Grococke one Rede heifer

Itm I give to my daughter Marye one other little heifer

The reste of my goods not bequeathed my debtes beinge paide my legaces discharged I will that it maye be equallye devyded amongst my wyfe and the other children And the same to be kept together of the … tyll as my children doe come of there lawfull ages

Itm I doe make Richard Collyshawe & William Wyseman Supervysors of this my last Will And I doe give to eyther of them for there paynes xiid

Item doe make my wyfe Jane and my Sonne Thomas executors of this my last Will and Testament

And in Wytnesse hereof I the said George Grococke have sette my hand the day and yeare above written

Theise beinge Wittnesses

Thomas Byshope

Ric Collishawe

Thomas Camme

William Wyseman


An Inventorye of the goods and Cattell of George Grococke late of Harbye deceased taken the xxvi of Maye 1600 as followethe by John Broddell Wm Pettye Thomas Camm and Richarde Awsebrocke

Fyrst in the dwelling house one Cubberde xv pieces of pewter … Candellsticks iii salltes v Sawsers iii porringers I Chaffinge dishe xxxiis
Itm i Comter i littell tabell ii Cheares i forme viis
Itm i fyre yron with the furniture one shellfe … paynted clothes xs
Itm one pann iii kettells iii pottes xxxvis
Item ii … i tubbe ii troughes ii paylles xvs
Item i Brand..ithe i fryinge pane iis vid
Item in the Buttrey iii Barrills with other small vessells xiiis iiiid
Item in the parler v Coffers  i … i littell forme xs
Item i beadsteade vi payre & one sheete of flaxen i payre of … and … payre of harden iiis ivd
Item iii longe twoelles iii borde cloths vii napkings viii pillobears xxxiis
Item vi Coverlets iii blankets ii matteresses i boulster ix pillowes iiil vs
Item in the Chamber i beadstead iii lynnen wheilles i wollen wheille i strike with other smalle implements & ii quarter of Corne xl
Item … kyne ii heiffers i … ii Callfes                                                                                                                               viiil xiiis iiiid
Item iii mares i Collte vl
Item one yron Bowne Wayinge i draughte yocke i Cope yocke i plowe ii shares i Collter with other plow geares xxxiiis iiiid
Item iii yron harrowes iii lethers ii hovvells with other … xxs
Item xii sheepe
Item v Swyne xiiis iiiid
Item the Crope in the fyelde xl
                                                                                                                    Sum Tot  xlvil iiis xd  

Probate 11 June 1600