Blagne John 1606 of Plungar will and inventory

John Blagne of Plungar 1606 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/228/115

In the name of God Amen the xvith day of May in Anno dni 1605 I John Blagne of Plungar in the County of Leceister laborer beinge sicke in body but in perfitt minde & memorie thanks be to god Doe make & ordayne this my last will & testament in manner & forme as followeth

First I comitt my sole into the hands of almightie god my creator & my body to be buryed within Christian buryall

Itm I geive and bequeath unto the Churche of Plungar xiid

Ite I geive and bequeath unto my daughter Alyce Blagne one great Pan being the biggest brasse pann one little pott one kettle one great Candlesticke one great arke one grate Table one Matris which was her owne mothers one Coverlyd which I bought at Granby & one other Coverlyd which I bought at Sutton & one other Coverlyd one little Chaffinge dish Two Bolsters the best except one two pillowes the best & the second and a little Candlesticke

Ite I geive unto my daughter Joan Blagne the next great brasse pan & one other pan & a kettle one Coverlyed which I bought at Granby of A… wife being the best and another Coverlyd which was her owne mothers best & another olde Coverlyd The best bolster which was her owne mothers & three pillowes the best Chaffinge dish one Candelsticke one olde Amberile one mattris which was bought at Sutton the great forme & a little one

Ite I geive & bequeath unto my daughter Elyzabeth Blagne one … one Candlesticke one bolster two pillows two Coverlyds one payre of sheetes & a mattris The bigest greate brasse pott & one Panne

Item I geive unto my three daughters Alyce, Joan, & Elyzabeth fyfteene peecs of Pewter which was theire own mothers Equally to be dyvided amongst them

Ite I geive unto Thomas Robbinson of Langar iiiid

Ite I geive unto Thomas Jackson iiiid

Item I geive unto John Lyne iiiid

All the rest of my goods not geiven & unbequeathed my debts & legacies beinge payed And my funerall discharged I geive & bequeath unto Joan my wife whome I make my full & whole Executrix having requested & apoynted overseers hereunto Henry Boar & William Robbinson & have geiven unto either of them iiiid

In witnesse hereof I have sett to my hand the day & yeare above written

Henry Boar senior [his mark]

George Painter

William Robbinson [his mark]

Richard Hickman


A true & perfit Inventory made the Last day of October in Anno dni 1606 of all the goodes & chattels of John Blagne of Plungar in the contie of Leicester laborer late deceassed prized by Henry Boar George Peinter & William Robinson

Imprimis In the yard, woode & pailes xs
Ite the Heie xiiis iiiid
Ite one Cow xxxs
Ite one Ewe & a Lambe vis
In the howse  
Imprimis two great pans xxxs
Ite six little panes xxs
Ite three pottes xiiis iiiid
Item twentie peeces of pewter xiiis iiiid
Ite two Chafinge dishes iis
Ite twoe Candlesticks iiis
Ite [small hole] viiid
Ite two tables two formes [small hole] tressles iis
Ite cubbord iiiis
[Hole for most of line] & stooles iiis iiiid
Ite [hole] & peinted clothe iis
Ite fyre Irons viis
[Small hole] dyshes boales one … [hole] other implements xiid
In the Parlour  
Imprimis Eight Coverlydes xxs
Ite 4 mattrisses 4 bolsters xxs
Ite fyve payer of sheets xiis iiiid
Ite two towels two pillowbeirs & 4 pillowes iiiis
Ite Two Arke & a little one vs
Ite two Bedsteeds iis
Ite peinted clothes with other implements there iiis iiiid
Ite for all Implements whatsoever comprised
Ite his pursse & his Appell
                                                        Some: XI li XV  

Henry Boar [his mark]

George Painter

Willyam Robinson [his mark]

Probate 28 November 1606