Walker Randell 1626 of Stathern will and inventory

Randall Walker of Stathern 1626 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/243/74

In the name of god Amen The ixth daie of Februarie in the yeare of our Lord god one thousand sixe hundreth twentie & five I Randell Walker of Stathorne in the Countie of Leic husbandman sicke in bodie but otherwise of good and perfect memorie (blessed be god therefore) doe ordaine and make this my last will and testament in manner and forme following

First I bequeath my soule unto Almightie god trusting to be saved only by the merites of Christ and my bodie to bee buryed in the Churchyard of Stathorne hopeing that it shall rise againe at the last dayie

Item I give my house in Stathorne aforesaid together with all houses buildings Orchyeards Gardens yeardes Closes Landes Leas meadowes Pastures feedings Commons & Commodities whatsoever belonging unto the same tenement unto Isabell Walker my loving wyfe and to William my sonne equally to be divided between them if the said Isabell my wyfe continue widowe otherwise I give all the premises which I gave unto my wyfe unto my sonne William

Item I give unto my sonne William Walker five horses & mares & one Colte Cartes ploughes with all furniture thereunto belonging Conditionall that he shall till and maner halfe part of the Land which I have given unto my wyfe as his owne

Item I give unto Richard Caunt the sonne of Richard Caunt my Godsonne twelve pence of Currant money

Item I give towards the repairing of the Church of Stathorne sixe shillings eight pence of Currant money

Item I give unto Isabell my wyfe & William my sonne all my houshold stuffe my Cattell sheepe & all my other goods moveable and unmoveable conditionally that they see my debts Legacies and funerall expences discharged And the said Isabell my wyfe and William my sonne I doe make Joint Excecutors of this my Last will & Testament

In witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my hand the daie and yeare above written

                                                                                                         Randall Walker

Witnesses of the Reading and publishing of this will

James Brough

Richard Pagett

Gabriel Caunt younger his marke


A true and perfecte Inventory of all goods and Chattells that did pertaine to Randall Walker of Stathorne in the countie of Leic: husbandman late dec: Priced by James Rowse Gabriell Caunt the younger & Richard Patchet as followeth

Imprimis his [“purse” missing] and apparrell 10s
Item five paire of flaxen and harden sheets 14s
It 3 pillowbears & 8 napkins 6s 6d
It 7 pillowes & 4 boulsters 20s
It halfe a dozen Coverleate & two blancketts 40s
It one feather bedde & 2 matrisses 8s
It one kneading trough one Presse & 6 Chestes 20s
It 4 Beadsteades 20s
It 3 tubbs one strike 3 wheeles 5 stepps one cradle 3 sives 1 … & a henpenne 12s
It one Cheesepresse 2 barrells 3 kimnells 2 tables & 3 bottells 10s 6d
It I Cubboard 3 Chaires 2 buffett fourmes and 3 stooles 23s
It one fire yron a paire of Reckons & 3 potte hookes 18d
It 11 Pewder dishes 2 salts 1 Chaffendishe 3 candlestickes & one … 18s
It 3 kittes halfe a dozen dishes a dozen spoones with painted Cloathes 3s 4d
It i paire of Quernes 3 tubbs one board and a hopper 10s
It 7 Coussins 3s
It 4 horsses 1 mare & foale & one Colte 12 li
It 2 Carts 7 Carte geares 5 li
It 2 ploughes with ploughe geares one harrow and ploughe timber 20s
It 3 kine & 3 heiffers & one Calfe 9 li 15s
It 21 sheepe
It 2 swine … 20s
It one soowe & pigges 10s
It Corne upon the ground & Corne in the chamber 20 li
It i Cubberd clothe & a Carpett 12d
It i hovell with the timber 15 … & 3 forkes 18s
The total sume is 68 li 11s 4d
Debts owing by Randle Walter at the time of his death  
To Willm Lee of Sstathorne 4 li
To Willm Wiseman of Harbye 3 li
To Willm Walker of Hougham in Lincolneshire 20s
To Gabrill Gregorie of Eastwell 6 li 15s
The total sume is 14 li 15s

Probate 2 May 1626