Shepherdson William 1615 of Ab Kettleby will and inventory

William Shepherdson of Ab Kettleby 1615 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1615/141

In the name of god Amen The one & twentith daye of June anno dni 1615 I Willm Shepperdsone of Ab Kettlebye in the countie of Leicester yeoman being sicke in bodie but of good & perfect minde & memorie thanks be given to god for the same doe the daye & yeare before named make & ordayne this my last will & testament in maner & forme folowinge That is to saye

First I give my soule to allmightie god my maker & redemer, & my bodie I bequethe to the earthe from whence it came to be buried in the parishe churchyeard of Ab Kettlebye at the chansell end near unto Agnis Shepperdsons grave my mother deceased

Ite I give to the church sack of Ab Kettlebye aforesayd xiis

Ite I give to the vicar of Ab kettlebye aforesayd for tithes negligently forgotten iid

Ite it is my will that if my wife Elizabeth Shepperdson shall refuse this my last will that I give her only xiid in full satisfaction of all her parte of my goods which by any means or any how she may have [small hole] … … to her selfe

Ite I give to every [small hole] of my children surviving now at my death vid a peece in full parte [small hole] of their childs partes or portions my daughter Frances Shepperdson [small hole] for its my will that if Elizabeth Shepperdson my wife shall [small hole] this my last & testament … my debts payd & my funerall discharged all rest of my goods unbequeathed I give to my daughter Frances Shepperdson upon I doe … the foresayd condicon constitue & ordeyne sole exequetrix of this my last will & testament But if my Trustye wife Elizabeth Shepperdsonne shall be content to allow of this my last will & testament then its my will that she the foursayd Elizabeth Shepperdson my wife shall have & inioye all my goods for & during the term of her naturall life … … & … …chment & at her death the … of my goods shall remayne to my trustye daughter Frances Shepperdson her heires & assignes & the third parte of her … … shall be at her disposing of my trustye wife Elizabeth Shepperdson & in consideration of her … … I doe make & ordeyne her sayd Elizabeth Shepperdson sole Exequetrix of this my last will & testament

In witness whereof I the foresayd Willm Shepperdson have set my marke to these presents the date the daye & yeare above written

                                                                                                         The mark of Willm Shepperdson


Rich: Colebrand

Raphe Wright his marke

Robarte Harrison his mark


A true Inventorie of all such goods & chattels as were Willm Shepperdsons late of Ab Kettlebye in the Countie of Leicester yeoman deceased, valued & praysed by Raphe Wrighte, Roger Stocke John Parker & Willm Ellyot as followeth July 12 1615

In his bed chamber  
Imprimis his purse & all his apparrell 3s 4d
Ite one bedstead, one mattresse, one boulster, towe pillowes, one blanket, towe coverings,  
one payre of sheets, one paynted clothe over the bed 18s
Ite towe payre of flaxen sheets, one towel towe table clothes 6s 8d
Ite one pillow beare, towe yards & a halfe of flaxen, & towe yards of heppen cloth 6s 6d
Ite three payre of hempen sheets 24s
Ite seven harden sheetes 19s
Ite towe pillow beares, towe flaxen napkins & one hempen napkin 4d
Ite one brasse pot, 4 peeces of pewter, 5 tine pieces, & one pewter 23s 4d
Ite one hempen web of clothe of 12 yards 12s
Ite one other hempen web of cloth of 14 yeards 14s
Ite 2 chests, one cofer & one chayre 6s
Ite Towe cheese hecks, one borde, one little table 3 stooles one old churne, & one brushe 3s 8d
Ite 3 quishings 2 yeards & a halfe of … 4s
Ite 26 little cheses & three ponds of butter 5s
Ite 2 ticknell pots, one payer of fyre tonges one hatchet with other implements in the chamber 2s
In the Kitchinge  
Ite 2 loads of cools 18s
Ite one churne, one …, one little …, one kette, one kimnell & other wooden implements 7s
Ite one little pot, one payer of bellows & one panshon 4s
In the butterie  
Ite 4 brasse pannes 20s
Ite 2 kimnells, 2 barrells, 3 kitts, 2 trunks & one wodden platter 7s
Ite one frying pan & 3 pans of pewter 3s
Ite one chayre, one table, one … & 2 bords 3s 4d
Ite 3 peckes of barley & one pecke of … maulte 3s
Ite 2 cheese fats, one wodden …, one dosen & a halfe of trenchers & 4 wooden dishes with all  
other implements in the butterie 12d
Ite 2 stricke of maulte, one stricke of barley, one stricke of rye one half stricke of …, & 3 pecks  
of pease 15s 10d
Ite one hogge pigge 3s
Ite 14s of silver being a debt due by Agnis Shepperdson 14s
                                              Sum: totalis               12l 18s 8d  

Raphe Wright his marke

Rogere Stocke

John Parker his marke

Willm Ellyot his marke

Probate 28 February 1615/6