World War I (1914-1918)

Eight men from Hickling died whilst serving during WWI:

Hickling Roll of Honour WWI.

George Henry BrownJohn George Faulks (Faulkes)Arthur Salt
Edgar BurnettWilliam Arthur Faulks (Faulkes)William Salt
Horace BurnettEdward HicklingArthur Shelton  
Will BurtonJohn Charles W HillCecil Simpson
Percy CollishawWilliam J HillCharles Simpson (Charlie)
William CollyerNoel Garner HubbardDonald Simpson
Frederick CopleyFred JacksonRoland Simpson
Richard Francis CopleyGeorge Maltby Isaac Claude V Smith
William Henry CopleyJohn W MannJoseph Harold Spencer
John Arthur CoxRichard MannJohn (Jack) Squires
Albert CrumpAlbert Mitchell Marshall (Albert)Leonard R Squires
Frederick John William CrumpEdward Leonard Marshall (Leonard)Arthur Wakerley (Wakerly)
Percy CrumpJohn Howard Marshall (Howard)Vincent Walker
Stephen Crump (Steven)Joseph Wise Marshall (Joseph)James Herbert Ward
Frank DickmanRichard Hardy Marshall (Richard)Joseph John William (Willie) Ward
Samuel Cheshire DoubledaySamuel Thomas Marshall (Samuel)Joseph Ward
William Thomas DoubledayTom MunksJohn Edwin Woolley
Edward ExtonJohn Frederick Pearson (Frederick)Arthur Wright
George William ExtonJohn George PepperFrank Wright
Ellis Faulks (Faulkes)Thomas Albert Rose (Albert)James Wright
Hickling Roll of Honour: WWI

It is our plan to build a biography page for each of these men but it will take some time! We would like to build a picture of what happened to these men (& their families) who survived the Great War. If you have any photographs or biographical information to help us with this project, please contact us, using the link, below.

Roll of Honour (WWI):

There are two Rolls of Honour recording the names of those from Hickling who served during World War I. The Chapel Roll of Honour includes 57 names whilst the Church Roll of Honour includes 59; some of the name spellings are different across the two lists (both spellings are given, below) and they are listed in a different but, roughly, alphabetical order. Joseph John William (Willie) Ward is on the Chapel list but not the Church list; William Collyer, Fred Jackson and James Herbert Ward are on the Church list but not the Chapel list. There may have been some confusion in the recording of the Ward family, as Joseph John William (Willie) Ward and James Herbert Ward are brothers (sons of Joseph and May Ward).

The Church Roll of Honour also includes the regiments for each soldier. In some villages and communities friends and siblings joined up together, served together and were often killed together – in some cases a community lost all of their men in the same campaign, inflicting terrible devastation for those left behind. Unusually, in Hickling, men seemed to have joined a wide range of different regiments – in a sense, ‘spreading the risk’. This may explain the relatively low casualty rates experienced in Hickling; of the 59 soldiers listed on the Church Roll of Honour, there are approx. 30 different regiments listed.

The Wadkin archives contain a six-page summary of Hickling’s World War I history which includes anecdotes, details of fundraising, a plane crash, an escaped German prisoner-of-war, the Armistice and the Memorials:

W0160 a - a WWI chronology
W0160 a – a WWI chronology
W0160 d - a WWI chronology
W0160 d – a WWI chronology
W0179a Wartime in Hickling WWI & WWII
W0179a Wartime in Hickling WWI & WWII
W0160 b - a WWI chronology
W0160 b – a WWI chronology
W0160 e - a WWI chronology
W0160 e – a WWI chronology
W0179b Wartime in Hickling WWI & WWII
W0179b Wartime in Hickling WWI & WWII
W0160 c - a WWI chronology
W0160 c – a WWI chronology
W0160 f - a WWI chronology
W0160 f – a WWI chronology

War in Three Villages: Hickling, Upper Broughton and Kinoulton.

Upper Broughton History Group created a commemorative booklet for the children of Kinoulton Primary School as a part of their 2011-2014 Heritage Lottery Fund project, ‘Where do we think we live’: War in Three Villages.

Please note: this is a large gallery and may take a little while to load to your screen.

This gallery is from the Wadkin Archives

Untimely Deaths
W0309a Village School; war memorial unveiled (1921)
School History