Moore Robert 1533 of Long Clawson will

Robert Moore of Long Clawson 1533 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/252

In dei nomine Amen the v day of August in the yeare of our Lord mcccccxxxiii I Robard More of Claxton holle of mynd doth make my testament & last wyll as after folowythe

Fyrst I beqeth my Sowlle to allmyghty god & to our Lady Senct Mare & to all the copeny of heyveyne & my Body to be buryd in the churche yard of Claxton

Item I Bequeth to your Lade of Lincoln iiiid

Item I Bequethe to the hey alter xxd

Itemm I Bequeth to the Sepulchare iiis iiiid

Item to the tythe iiis iiiid

Item to the trinite wyndowe iiis iiiid

Item to the Hyklyng church xiid

Item to Browton church xiid

Item to Holwelle chapelle viiid

Item I bequethe to Edward my Son a cow & to Essabell hys dawtere ii ewys & ii lamys

Item I Bequethe To Thomas Weytley a ewe & a Lame & to his wyffe a streke of weytt

And I bequeth to Elsabeth my dawghtre a ewe & a lame

Item I bequeth to the freare of Wylliam Newarke a Streke of weytt & a wolle fleche

Itemm I Bequeth to Robard my Son my ferme for the yers that I have in ytt

Item I Bequethe my plowe & my carte with all that longythe theretoo [no beneficiary stated]

Item I Bequeth to my … William Wymake & the … of the forseyd Robard to syng for me & hys mothere for the space of ii yers & more yf the gudde wyll extend

The resydew of my gudds movabale & unmovabale not geyveyn nor bequeathed [small hole] to my executor William my Sone & Robard hys brodar to dispose … for the heylthe of my Sowlle & Edward Byard to be Supvysore of my wyll

Thes be wyttnys Edward my Sone & George Mowre with other …