Hickling William 1632 of Long Clawson will and inventory

William Hickling of Long Clawson 1632 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1632/42

In the name of god Amen I Willm Hicklinge thelder of Claxton in the County of Leicester Laborer being sickly and weak in body, but of perfect memory praysed be god, Now revokeinge all former & other Wills by me before tyme made, doe make and ordeyne this my Last Will & Testamt in maner & forme hereafter followinge

First I bequeath my polluted soule into the mercifull hands of Almighty god, trustinge in him onely to be saved throughe A lyvely fayth in Jesus Christe my onely savior & redeemer, and my body I Commytte to the Earth, from whence yt Came, To be buryed in the Church yarde of Claxton aforesayde

Itm I give unto Izabell my Loveinge wife the use and benefit of my house with thappurtenances and all my lande, and the profitts thereto belonginge dureinge her naturall life in widowhood, to bringe uppe my Children untill they shall be of lawfull age and discretion to meyntaine & governe them selves

But if my sayd wyfe shall fortune to marry againe, then my will is that (from the time of her said marige) shee shall have but onely the thirds thereof, for terme of her naturall life

Itm I give unto Anne Hicklinge my eldest daughter (& to the heires of her body lawfully to be begotten for ever) my oxgange of lande with thappurtenances, to enter to the same (at the tyme of my wyves death or the tyme of her second mariage, which shall first happen) if shee the said Anne be then of thage of xxitie yeares, or els, not to enter to the same untill shee bee of lawfull age, and then she come to … for her filliall porcon and alsoe provided that shee the sayde Anne shall pay to my yongest daughter Judith the sume of xxii pounds of lawfull english mony within the space of one wholl year next after shee shall enter to the said lande, or to any partes thereof, the said Judith being then of the age of xxitie yeares

Itm I give to Mary Hicklinge (my second daughter) and to the heirs lawfully begotten for ever my dwelling house with thapppurtenances both in feilde and towne, to enter to the same at the tyme of her mothers death or the day of her second marriage, which shall first happen, if she the sayde Marie shall then be at the age of one and twenty years, and then yt to stand for her filliall porcon And alsoe my will is that shee shall pay to her sister Judith (my yongest daughter) out of the same Estate, the sume of eight poundes of lawfull English, within the space of one wholl yeare next after that she the said Mary shall enter to the saide house with thappurtances, or to any part thereof, shee the sayde Judith beinge then of lawfull age

And if it shall fortune that eyther of my saide daughters (videlt Anne & Marie) to departe this mortall life without heires of her body lawfully begotten Then my will is, That her porcon of house & Lands beinge soe disseassed as aforesaide shall remayne to my saide daughter Judith & her heires and then it to stande for her filliall porcon But if noe parte of her sisters lande shall fall to her as aforesaide, Then my mynde is that she shall have xx li out of the lande, & to be payde as it is before menconed, And then I doe give alsoe to the saide Judith x li of lawfull English mony to be payde by my Executor within one wholl yeare next after the day of my said wyves death, or the day of her second mariage which shall first happen

Itm I give moreover to my saide daughter Marie my best table with the frame, the forme, & the … & alsoe my Cubboarde & my penne

Itm I give to my daughter Anne my Joyned Chayre

Itm I give to every one of my brother Edwards Children xiid apeece

Itm I give to my brother Henry Leake xiid

All the Residue of my Goods (unbequeathed) after that my debts are payde and my funerall expences discharged, I give to Isabell my wife, Whome I make sole Executrix of this my last will And I ordeyne & make my wives brother Henry Leake, and Willm Hickling the sonne of Edward Hickling Overseers of the same, And I give them all power that is in me to give and doe alsoe earnestly intreat them to see and cause all things herein Contayned to be iustly executed, accordinge to my minde

In witnesse whereof I have hereunto put my hand & seale, the sixth day of April Anno Dni 1632.  Annoq Regni Regis Caroli Anglia &c octavo

                                                                                                         The marke & seale of Willm Hicklinge

Theis beinge Witnesses

Thos: Storer Scriptor

William Smith

Richard Storer


A true & perfect Inventorie of all the goods Cattell & Chattels of Wm Hiclinge thelder late of Claxton in the County of Leic laborer, deceassed appraised by Robt Hiclinge RichardeHiclinge thelder, Edward Hicling [water damage] aforesd yeomen, the i day of October [water damage] 1632

Imprimis in his purse and his apparrell 1 0 0
Itm 8 flaxen sheets, 2 yardes of flaxen & one Towell 1 6 8
Itm 7 hempen sheets 1 0 0
Itm 6 payre of harden sheets 0 15 6
Itm 3 bolsters & 6 pillowes 1 0 0
Itm 6 Pillow beares and 6 napkins 0 9 0
Itm 2 board Cloathes 0 4 0
Itm 3 mattresses 0 16 0
Itm 5 Coverliddes & one blanckette 1 10 0
Itm 2 Bedsteds 1 0 0
Itm 1 Chist & 2 Coffers 0 10 0
Itm 2 oulde Ambryes 0 5 0
Itm 3 peyles 3 Tubbes 2 barrells 1 kimnell & I Churne 0 10 0
Itm 1 Cubboard, one Table & the frame, one forme, 3 Chayres, 2 Stooles, one      
oulde Penn, & 3 shelves 2 0 0
Itm the puter & Brasse 2 10 0
Itm 4 oulde wheels, 2 Cheesehecks, one shelfe, & other Implements 0 10 0
Itm Butter & Cheese 0 10 0
Itm some oulde Pease in the Chamber 0 5 0
Itm the swilling tubbe & Ticknall ware 0 5 0
Itm the fyre iron & Rackins the brand iron the hatchette the fryinge panne &      
other iron Implements 0 2 6
Itm the Coales, forkes, & Rakes 0 13 0
Itm the painted Cloathes 0 2 6
Itm the hovel & pales & other woode about the yarde 0 13 4
Itm 2 kyne & one heifer 6 0 0
Itm 1 swyne 0 10 0
Itm the Croppe of hay & Corne 6 0 0
Itm things forgotten & not named 0 1 0
                                  Suma totalis 30 18 6
Debts oweinge by the Testator      
To Willm Sculthorpe of Scalforde 1 7 0
To the overseers for the poore of Claxton 5 8 0
To Richard Leake 0 8 0
                                                                                                  Sum 7 3 0
After the debts deducted 23 15 6

The names of the praisers

Robert Hickling

Richard Hickling his marke

Edward Hickling his marke

Henrie Leake

Probate 3 October 1632