Hickling Nicholas 1579 of Long Clawson will

Nicholas Hickling of Long Clawson 1579 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1579/104

In the name of god Amen in the yeare of our lord god 1579 and in the iii day of September I Nycholas Hicling of Claxton in the Countey of Leicester whole in mynd but sycke in bodey and of good and perfect remembrance, thankes be geven to allmyghtye god I do ordayn and make this my last wyll and Testament in maner and forme following

Fyrst I bequeth my Sole to allmyghtye god my maker, and redemer, and my bodye to be buried in the Church yard of Claxton

Itim I geve unto Agnis my wyfe the lease of my house and all my Ryght in one halfe oxgang of land with all the residew of my goods and cattell which I now have

Itm I will that Agnis my wife shall pay unto Jhon my Sonne at the age of xvi yeares the somme of v li and at the age of xxi yeares the somme vi li

Itim I wyll that if my wife be now with child, and that it live to the age of xxi yeares then I bequeth unto it the Somme of vi li xs whereof iiii li xs shalbe deducted out of my other childes part, and my wife to pay other xls

Itim I geve unto Jhon my sonne my wynd mylne with all thappurtenancees after the decease of Agnis my wyfe

Allso I wyll that if god do call eyther of my Sayd Chyldren before they come to lawfull Age then my will is, that the whole portion of goods shall remayn to my other Child but and if that god do call theim both, under age, and without heares, then I will that my mylne shalbe equally devided in … Amongest the hears of Rychard Hicling, Wyllm Hicling, and Antony Hicling and allso I will that Agnis my wife shall pay unto Edward Gey and to every one of those my brethren xxs if god do call my children before they receve theyr parts

Allso I do make Agnis my wife my full executrix of this my last will and Testament and I do make Edward Gey and Rychard Hicling overseers of this my will and to receive my childrens parts to theyr uses

These witnesses Jhon Hicling Curate, Edward Gey, Rychard Hicling and Robert Caunt

The Inventorye of all the goods and cattell of Nycholas Hickling of Claxton late deceassed vewed and praysed the 6 day of October in the year of our lord god 1579 by these men whose names be under written Edward Gey Wyllm Hicling Robert Caunt and Rychard …

Fyrst his apperrill with the money in his purse xxs
Itim in the house one cobboard and A pan xiis
Itim a bord a chear with the formes iiiis
Itim all the pewter and brase iii li
Itim all the implements about the fyre iiiis
Itm all the implements of woode as loomes kettes and wheles xs
In the pearloure  
Fyrst all the naperye Ware
Itim the matreisses bed hillinges xxvs
Itim the coverlids boulsters and blankets xxs
Itim paynted clothes and coushinges vs
Itim the coffers and bedsteads xiis
Itim … cloth woole and yarne xxiis
Itim a gavelocke with cayrtayn other implements at the mylne iiiis
Itim the coles and lethers with all the wood in the yard xviiis
Itim the corne and hay iiii li
Itim iii kyne iii li
Itim iiii Shepe viiis
Itim the … and pulline xiiis
                                                                                  Suma totalis 21 li 7s  

Probate 12 October 1579