Gray Alexander 1598 of Eaton Will

Alexander Gray of Eaton 1598 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/219

The top and a considerable amount of the top left hand side of this will is missing

[line and a half missing] Queenes Majestie that now is, I Alixander Grey of Eatone in the [about six words missing] body, but whole in mynde, and beinge of good and perfecte remembrance [about six words missing] therefore, do ordayne and make this my last will and testatmente in maner and [about six words missing]

First I give and bequere my soule wholie to Almightye god my maker and redemer [about six words missing] my selfe of Everlasting lyffe, and my bodye to be buried in the Churche [about six words missing]

Itm I give and bequer to the pare people ther vid

Itm I give and bequere to the [about six words missing] iiiid

Itm I give and bequere to Willm Greaye my sonne two quarters of Barley

[About six words missing] to Agnys Greay my Daughter, sixe sheepe

Item I give and bequere unto Isabell Greay [about four words missing] sheepe

Itm I give unto Elizabeth Greay my daughter one Doused Cowe, one peere [about four words missing] and three sheepe

Itm I give and bequere unto Joane Houlte, the nowe wyffe of Ralffe [about one word missing] xiid

Itm I give and bequere unto the three Childerne of my said daughter Joane one Ewe hogge

Itm all the resedewe of my goods both moveable, and unmoveable, withe the lease and Interest of the howse wherin I nowe dwell, unbequered, my Debts beings peaid, and my bodye honestly brought to the grounde I give and bequere wholie to Edwarde Greay my sonne, whome I Ordayne and Make my Sole Executoure of this my said will

And I doe also make Ralffe Houlte my sonne in lawe superviser to see thinges performed according to the trew meaning therof

Debtes Owing by me the said Alixsander Greay

Nicholas Wildmane v li xs)
Willm Greay my sonne iii li) xx li iiis iiiid
Willm Russeles of Wymandame x li xiiis iiiid)

Probate Leicester 18 November 1598 and executor sworn


The trewe Inventorii of all the goodes and Chatales of Alixsander Grey late of Eaton Deceased Indyferently prised the xiiith daye of November 1598 by Thomas Bealey Ralffe Houlte and Nycholas Wyldmane as followeth

Imprimis in his purse, and his apparillxxxs
Itm in the Chamber one greate Chiste with lynenes therin and one beed with other nessesariesiii li vis viiid
Itm in the parler one presse with the bedding therinv li xs
Itm in the said parler two bedesteeds with other stuffexxs
Itm on Ambrey [small hole] in the table [rest of entry lost in a hole]xxs
Three more entries almost entirely lost in a hole
Itm in the ketchen one peere of quernes, one standing leade with other Nessesaries therxxxiis
Itm one litle howse made with bord and the Colles, and plowe tymber and other Implementes
therxlvis viiid
Itm in the yearde, all the haveles and other woodxxxiiis iiiid
Itm the Carte, and Carte geeres, the plowe and plowe geeres with other Implmentsiii li
Itm foure Meares, two Coultes one fylleyxvi li
Itm three kyne, three Yonge bestsviii li
Itm fortye foure sheepexvi li
Itm all the Swyne and pullenxxs
Itm the Croppe, with the winter Corne and barley fallowesxviii li
Itm the lease of the howse wherein he lately dweltex li
Itm for any thinges forgotteniiis iiiid
Sum totlxxxx li xvis

Exhibited 18 November 1598