Chester George 1733 of Eaton Will

George Chester of Eaton 1733 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1733

In the name of God Amen I George Chester of Eaton in the County of Leicester Butcher being Sick & weak of Body but of a Sound and perfect Memory do make this my last will and Testament (viz)

First I commend my soul into the hands of almighty God that Gave it me firmly hoping through the passion and Merits of Jesus Christ to Enjoy Everlasting happyness

My Body I commend to the Earth to be Decently Buried at the Discression of my Executrix hereafter Mention’d

And as to the worldly Goods it hath pleased God to posses me of I Bequeath as followeth when my Debts and funeral Charges are paid and Discharged

Imprimis I Give and Bequeath unto my only Daughter Mary Lois Chester all those two Closes or parcells of Land Laying within the parish of Buckminster and county of Leicester Called or commonly known by the Names of the Moors Grounds when my sd Daughter shall accomplish the age of twenty one Years,

Allso my House and homestead with their Appurtenances I give to my only Daughter Mary Lois Chester at the Death of my Mother Margarett Chester, they Lying and being within the town of Buckminster aforesd she my Daughter to have them at the age of twenty one aforesd if My Mother Dye before that time shall be Expired

And if my Daughter Mary Lois aforesd should Dye (as God Defend) before she shall accomplish the age aforesd then I Give all the closes house and homesteads aforesd to Ann my Loving wife for and During her Naturall Life And then I give and Bequeath the foresd Closes and house & homestead to be Equally Divided Share and Share alike amongst my Three Sisters & Brother to them their heirs or assigns for Ever

Allso my will is that if my sd Daughter shall Live to accomplish her age aforesd that then I Give to my Loving wife one third part of my Lands &c aforesd for & During her Natural Life

Allso my will is that if my sd wife shall alter her condition in Joyning her self in Matrimony to any other Man that that same man her husband Nor herself Nor any one Belonging Shall Draw or Cause to be Drawn or Make any Bill or Bills or any Such thing to the Intent to Make my said Daughter aforesd to pay for Meat Drink clothing or Schooling or any thing Else During the time untill she shall accomplish the age of twenty one years aforesd

The true Intent and Meaning of this my will being that she my said Daughtr shall have the Lands afore Mentioned clear without any Incumbrance or Mollestation

Item all the Rest and Residue of my Goods chattels and personal Estate what soever I Give to my said Loving wife Ann Chester and I make and ordain her my sd wife Sole Executrix of this my will in trust for the Intents and purposes in this my will Contained

And I make my Loving friends John Thorp Junr of Buckminster aforesd and Christopher Fisher of Eaton aforesd Overseers of this my will to take Care and see the same performed according to my true Intent and Meaning, and for their pains I Give Each of them five Shillings

In Wittness whereof I the said George Chester have to this My Last Will and Testament Sett my hand and seal this tenth Day of January In the year of our Lord 1732/3

                                                                                                                Geo: Chester his Marke

Signed Sealed and Delivered by the said George Chester as and for his Last will and Testament in the presence of us who were present at the signing and Sealing thereof

Tho Hourd

John Caunt

William Lock

Anne Chester executrix sworn at Melton Mowbray 3 April 1733

February the 8th 1732

A trew and just Inmatere of the goods and Chattle of George Chester bucher of Eaton latly decesed

Item in Buckminster Closs two Cows040000
Fifteen sheep in the same Closs031500
Item in Saltby Closs ten sheep021000
Two hefers in the same Closs020000
One hors one mare041000
His Implements in the Shopp000706
His purs and Aparell010500
Things Over lucked and for gotten000200
The totle sum is180906

The totle sum is                                                                                                                               18                    09                     06

Witness our hands

Thomas Exton

John Caunt