Julian Richard 1671 of Hose Will

Richard Julian of Hose 1671 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1671

August 28 1667

In the name of God Amen I Richard Julian the Eldeste of Hose in the County of Leicester yeoman being of perfect memory (praised be God) doe ordaine and make this my Last will and testament in manner and forme following

Imprimis I commend my Soule and body into the hands of Almighty God my Creator and Redeemer hopeing to be saved by the merritts of Jesus Christ my Saviour and Redeemer

It I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Julian the summe of foure skore pounds of good and Lawfull English money to bee paid (by mine executrix hereafter named) when the said Elizabeth my daughter shall accomplish the age of three and twenty yeares, or sooner at the discretion of myne executrix and twenty pounds in household goods

It I give unto my daughter Alice Julian the summe of foure skore pounds of good and Lawfull English money to bee paid unto her when shee shall accomplish the age of five and twenty yeares, or soon at the discretion of her mother, and twenty pounds in household goods

And if either of my daughters shall depart this Life before they shall accomplish their severall ages then my will is that their several porcon or porcons shalbe equally divided by my children then alive

It I give unto my Sonne Richard Julian his heires and assignes for ever all those severall parts or parcells of land which I bought of Thomas Julian George Julian Nicholas Whitticarrye or Willm Blagg James Kempe and Thomas Kempe or anie of them to have the same when hee shall accomplish the age of twenty and one yeares provided alwaies and it is my will and intention that if my Sonne William Julian doe pay him the said Richard the summe of foure skore pounds of good and Lawfull English money within one yeare next after hee the said Richard my sonne shall accomplish the age of twenty and one yeares that all the said purchased Land shall remayne unto my Sonne William his heires and assignes for ever, and to none other intent or purpose whatsoever

Lastly I make Anne my wife sole executrix of his my Last will and Testament to whom I give and bequeath all the rest of my goods cattells and Chattells whatsoever or wheresoever, shee payeing all my debts and legacies, and dischardgeing my funerall expences

And also my will is that shee shall have all the benefitts and profitts of all my Land untill my Sonne William shall accomplish the age of one and twenty yeares, and further my will is that my wife Anne Julian shall have and quietly enioy halfe the houses buildings Orchards and gardens dureing her natural life, if shee continue a widdow and unmarried

I make my kinsman George Dixon and George Julian supervisors of this my will and testament desireing them to assist my wife and children in their estates and conditions, and if anie difference arise betwixt them or anie of them to end and to determine the same

In witnes whereof I have hereunto sett mine hand and Seale the day and yeare first above written

                                                                                                                Richard Julian

Sealed signed and published as the will and testament of the above named Richard Julian in the presence of

Grego: Julian

John Rowse

Richard Julian

Probate 12 May 1671 to executrix


March 6 1670

An Inventory expressing and declareing the goods Cattells and Chattells moveable and unmoveable of Richard Julian Late of Hose departed, taken and valued by us whose names are subscribed the day and yeare first above written

Imprimis his purse and his apparrell2000
In the hall two Tables two frames with stooles & chaires1110
In the two parlours one Table two chests one cubheard one bed with stooles   
and Boxes5100
In the chamber two Beds one Chest and two Coffers with other Materialls234
In the little parlour one Bed three coffers one seate with other necessaries1100
In the dary & Buttery one Salting trough cheeseprease & Barrells with other   
In the Kitchin and Kitchin chamber one copper with Brewing vessels and one   
In the House pewter and Brass8118
Item wollens and Linnens18100
For victualls as Bacon, Butter & Chees334
For Bees568
Beasts 8 Cows and eight small beasts25100
Horses & mares40100
For Sheepe1500
For Swine268
For Hay and corne in the House and in the yarde  26100
For Carts cart geres plows and plow geares868
For Coales and other necessaries in the Kilne3100
For Manner in the yard and Leathers and other impliments Belonging to   
For new cloth300
For Corne Sowen4250
For Hovells100
For dripping pan fire Iron and other necessaries belonging to the same126
For the Horse trough and other Materialls belonging to the well    113
Summe totalis24807

In wittness to which Sume we the praisers of the goods have Hereunto subscribed our Hands the 6 day of March An: dom: 1670

Richard Simpson clerke

Thomas Hickling

John Stokes

Tho: Garton