Wright Richard 1615 of Nether Broughton will

Richard Wright of Nether Broughton 1615 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1615/56

In the name of god Amen I Richarde Wrighte of Nether Broughton in the County of Leicester husbandman sicke in bodye but of perfecte minds & memorye for the which I praise Almighty god doe make and ordaine this my last will & testament in manner & forme following

First before All things I commende my soule into the mercifull hands of god allmighty surely trusting that for Jesus Christ sake my sins shall be forgiven me & my bodye to be buried within the Church yarde of Nether Broughton

Ite I doe give towards the repayringe of the said Church iiis iiiid

Item I doe give to the poore of the said parishe iiis iiiid to be bestowed at the discretion of Andrew Wrighte & Thomas Wrighte my Sonne

Item I give unto my Sonne William Wrighte … in full satisfaction of his just portion

Ite I doe give unto my daughter Elizabethe Knott iiis iiiid in full satisfaction of her just parte

Also I doe give Margaret Marche my daughter iiis iiiid in full satisfaction of her Childs parte

Also I doe give unto my god sonne Richarde Knott a lambe

Item I give to William Knott a lambe

Also I give to Thomas Marche a lambe

Also I de give unto Jane Marche a heifer of two yeare olde

Item I doe give unto Anne Wrighte a calfe of a yeare olde

Item I de give unto Elizabethe Wrighte and Margarett Wright an ewe between them

Also I doe give unto my sonne Henrye Wrighte fortye pounds which sum of money shall be paide by ten pounds a yeare until it be discharged

And if so fall out that my sonne Thomas Wright shall departed this life naturall without issue male of this body lawfully begotten then my will is that my sonne Henry shall have the kilne Close the bleaching place and hive beaste pastures & in every feilde one Acre of arrable Land to him and his heire males of his body lawfully begotten for ever

And if so be my sonne Henry shall not have issue male then the lande that I have given unto him returne to the heires generall of my sonne Thomas after his departure

And if my sonne Henry shall not marry then he shall have the garden Chamber to lye in so longe as he shall live

The rest of my goods unbequeathed my debtes beinge paide Legacys & Funerall rites discharged I doe give unto my well beloved wife Elizabethe Wrighte & to my first borne sonne Thomas Wrighte to be equally devided between them & I doe make them my Executors and my furthere will is that my sonne shall beare & behave himself towards his mother very respectively And as longe as she shall live she shall have halfe … in the towne & field be at halfe the charges and at her departure it shall be Lawfull for her by will or otherwayes to dispose of two heifers & halfe a dozen of sheepe and of half the household stuffe

Last of all I doe make my brother Thomas Wright and Andrew Wrighte my kinsman supravisors of this my last Will and I doe give unto them xiid apeece

And so I rest in the mercyes of god Almightye

No signature and no witnesses, probate 15 October 1615