Help us create a lockdown portrait of Hickling!

Thank you for the feedback about our idea to create a lockdown portrait of Hickling; we understand the reservations about privacy but, as many of you have said, this is a significant point in the history of our village and our faces tell the story.
This link explains a similar project in Bristol:

So here is our original post with some extra security built in:
1. Please don’t get involved if you have any reservations about it
2. We will password protect the website page that carries these portraits; only households taking part will have the password to open up the page
3. After 20 years, we will remove the password protections (in accordance with our policy about time-barred content) and the page will be available publicly.
4. You can let us know if you wish to tinker with these preferences; for example you may wish to withhold your photo completely until the time-bar is lifted in 2040.

Help us create a lockdown portrait of Hickling!
A project in London has focused on pictures of everyone by their front door or by their gate; a symbol of lockdown (see below).
Inspired by your great photos from VE Day, we would like to get a doorway or gateway photograph of every household in Hickling and Hickling Pastures – please get involved and we will see how many we can get!

7 easy steps:
1. choose which door or gate you would like to feature in your portrait.
2. choose someone to take your photo for you (remembering social distancing guidance)
3. gather people & pets – take your photo!
4. (optional) take a second photo holding a sign with your own names on and the name of your house.
5. send us your photo!
6. remember to tell us who you are and where the photo was taken (also tell us if you are happy for us to attach that information to the photo on the website – we can keep it anonymous if you prefer!).
7. add a donation to your favourite charity to commemorate these strange times.

We will then build a mosaic gallery of us all for the local history website (have a look at the commemorative millennium domesday book – it’s a bit like that but just photos).…/

So, please share this message and get talking to your neighbours and get clicking those cameras!
We would like reasonable quality images – so please email them to

We have picked this idea up from social media posts by Greg James and Bella Mackie – their doorway photo is attached as a great example of what we’re looking for; please don’t forget to add a little to your favourite charity in the spirit of the original idea.